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From humble beginnings in 1980, Metalgas SRL has evolved to become an iconic figure in the Dominican refrigeration and commercial kitchen equipment industry. With a history of more than four decades, the company has grown from its early days manufacturing air conditioners to become a diversified manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of equipment, including freezers, bottle racks, waterers, and water coolers. ice. Metalgas SRL has not only innovated with its own brands such as Keeprite, Modernchef, MetalChef and Best Castle, but has also forged strategic alliances with renowned international brands.

The company has become a benchmark in the market for commercial kitchen products, standing out for the quality and durability of its products. Its team, made up of highly qualified professionals, is dedicated to offering personalized solutions and specialized technical services throughout the national territory, maintaining the commitment to accompany its clients on the path to success.

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