After-sales storage policy

Objectives of this policy:

Optimize space in our workshop, ensure efficient equipment rotation and cover costs associated with long-term storage.


Applies to all industrial equipment purchased at our facilities, regardless of the brand, model or type of service performed.

  • 10 days after equipment billing.
  • 1% of the invoice value per month after the 10 days free.
  • It is charged from the day following the expiration of the free period.
    • We will inform you of the storage policy when you invoice your purchase.
    • We will provide you with a printed copy of the policy along with your invoice.
    • We will notify you by all available means when your equipment is ready for pickup.
    • We will send you notifications every 10 days after the free period, indicating the total amount to pay for storage.
      • The possibility of extending the free term or reducing the monthly rate may be evaluated.
      • The client must submit a request in writing and justify his request.
      • Exceptions are subject to evaluation and we reserve the right of admission.
        • The customer is responsible for removing the equipment within the free period.
        • Metalgas undertakes to notify the client about the storage period and fee.
        • Metalgas is responsible for maintaining the equipment in safe conditions while it is stored.

The old clients You will be subject to the version of the policy that was in effect at the time of your purchase. However, They will be notified and the most up-to-date version of the storage policy will be applied to them.

For more information, contact our customer service department.

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